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Mind the (wine) drips please…

In looking for some new products for the wine and motorcycles post, I discovered DripTeez.

DripTeez stops the wine drips from running down the side of the bottle, the label, your tablecloth and table.  This one features a motorcycle charm on a reuseable handmade bamboo wine drip stopper.

Of course, wine drips happen to those without motorcycles as well.  This furry leopard drip stopper would compliment the rest of a rockstar themed bar.

DripTeez™ Drip Stopper with furry leopard print


DripTeez drip stoppers are the best to stop the drips early.  Without DripTeez we need to to rely on wine coasters like this:

Harley-Davidson Wine Gift Set: Bottle Coaster, Opener and Stopper

Of course, a wine coaster will still let the drips flow over the label.  Should you be in the habit of opening your wine with a Napoleonic sword (that’s another post), I strongly recommend the belt-and-suspenders approach of a DripTeez and a wine coaster together.

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Motorcycle wine bottle holder – boot or bike?

Rockstars and motorcycles are two things that naturally go together – just like motorcycles and guitars.  To mix up the guitar themes, add a little motorcycle chic!

This dragon skeleton motorcycle wine bottle holder reminds me (a little) of the album cover for Judas Priest’s Painkiller album.

If the whole motorcycle is too much, how about just the boots?

This motorcycle boot wine bottle holder would look great in any rock n roll (or motorcycle) bar or bar cart. As an added bonus, this boot bottle holder can also fit squared whisky or bourbon bottles.

Not to say that guitars don’t have a place in a wine bar, but that’s another post.

Don’t drink and ride!

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Cocktail stirrer guitar ice cube tray

When do your ice cubes also double as a cocktail stirrer?  When the ice cubes are shaped like guitars (in this case a Stratocaster, classical guitar, and Les Paul shape) and the guitar necks are non-melting cocktail stirrers!

Since this ice tray is made of silicon, it will tolerate the heat necessary to use as a chocolate mold.

Tray may come in other colors than pictured.

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Stratocaster silicon spatula

Don’t know what it is about spring, but this time of year I start thinking about brunch.  Easter, Mother’s Day, bright weather, new music Tuesday – all are good reasons to serve up some comfort food after sleeping in.

This generously sized (14 x 3 x 5 inches) spatula is made of sturdy non-stick silicone. Dishwasher safe and tested to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Fun, Fender Stratocaster shape. $10.18 free shipping.

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Wine glass charms – guitar

Set of 6 wine glass guitar charms. This is one of the better sets of guitar themed wine glass charms, many of the ones reviewed were not good enough.  Brightly colored enamel Les Paul-inspired guitar body is good for everyday or when entertaining friends.  A good gift for yourself or anyone who rocks.


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