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Teacher Appreciation Day for rockin’ teachers

Now that Mother’s Day is out of the way, Teacher Appreciation Day is upon us.

For your teacher that rocks, you could always go with a candle set

 Metal Candle Holder, 11, 7, 4 inch, engraved black (set of 3)   $27.00

Metal Candle Holder, 11, 7, 4 inch, silver color (set of 3)   $21.00

 Clef music lover’s candle sconce   $20.10

Of course, if you are appreciating your music teacher, then a music themed gift would be appropriate.

 Electric guitar player pen/pencil holder   $11.99


 Acoustic guitar player pen/pencil holder   $9.99

Of course, there are plenty of other options for your rockin’ teacher.

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Mother’s Day Like A Rock Star

Products (with links to purchase site) featured in the video, in order of appearance:

DripTeez wine stoppers:

 Silver tone motorcycle $8.99

Brass tone handcuffs $12.99

Silver skull $9.99

Furry leopard print $9.99

Wine totes:

Wine purse (pinkish red alligator) $14.00

Primeware Gala Croc Wine Purse, BlackWine purse (black) $29.99

Primeware Florence Leopard Two Bottle Wine Tote, BlackLeopard print hard case (2-bottle) $49.49

Wine chillers:

Guitars Wine ChillerGuitars wine bottle chiller $44.99

Stainless steel wine bottle chiller $36.54

Wine stoppers:

 Sunburst Stratocaster wine bottle stopper $25.16

 Black flame Stratocaster wine bottle stopper $13.76

Two's Company Glass Wine Bottle Stopper Glass wine bottle stopper $15.00

Volume Control Wine StopperVolume knob wine bottle stopper $14.44

Wine charms:

Enamel Guitars My Glass Identifier Charms, Sets of 6 Enamel wine glass charms $9.97


 4 Piece All-Purpose Goblet Set $24.01

More wine products for rockstars and rockstar moms
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Cocktail stirrer guitar ice cube tray

When do your ice cubes also double as a cocktail stirrer?  When the ice cubes are shaped like guitars (in this case a Stratocaster, classical guitar, and Les Paul shape) and the guitar necks are non-melting cocktail stirrers!

Since this ice tray is made of silicon, it will tolerate the heat necessary to use as a chocolate mold.

Tray may come in other colors than pictured.

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Bar Chairs with music upholstery (set of 3 – adjustable height)

Set of 3 bar stools with band themed upholstery.  The neutral palate will coordinate with the rest of the room.  Seat upholstery features classical guitars, pianos, trumpets, violins and more!


  • 24″ to 29″ Adjustable Seat Height
  • Black Metal Finish
  • Swivel Seat
  • Back Rest and Foot Rest

These have a fitting appearance for a wide variety of places. The frame is made of metal making it a strong, heavy duty stool. The cushion is 14 inches wide consisting of 100% polyurethane foam for comfort. Its gas pneumatic cylinder allows you to adjust the seat height anywhere between 24 in. to 29 in., making this bar stool adaptable and convenient for many different uses. The entire seat swivels with no restriction, allowing you to turn full circle. There are 5 legs each with adjustable feet for stability on uneven surfaces and plastic protectors to prevent floor scratching. There is also a footrest that is firmly welded to the legs. This bar stools has a tilt feature with adjustable tension and also has the option to limit the tilt.  Not recommended for over 250 lbs.