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Rockstar Bar Carts

Bar carts are for parties! But they are also for everyday. An artfully styled bar cart is much more fun and out of the way than a countertop full of bottles and glassware.  Starting with my favorite bar cart, this beautiful Z-shaped rose gold bar cart.

Rose Gold Z-Shaped Metal and Mirror Bar Cart
Rose Gold Z-Shaped Metal and Mirror Bar Cart

In addition to  providing a drink station outside of the kitchen for parties, I love using a bar cart in a dining room where there isn’t space for a traditional china cabinet. China cabinets are great, but they aren’t exactly rock n roll. I love the sculptural lines of this one:

Oval metal bar cart with clear glass shelves
Oval metal bar cart with clear glass shelves

Above all, I really like adding a bar cart to a living room. In the living room a glamorous bar cart looks ready to entertain yet functions as storage for your beautiful glassware, bar tools, and bottles.

Metal and clear glass bar cart
Metal and clear glass bar cart
Round polished chrome metal bar cart
Round polished metal bar cart


Sleek X-shaped 3-shelf bar cart
Sleek X-shaped 3-shelf bar cart

When you live like a rockstar, the most important thing is to have fun and be comfortable in your living space.  It’s about knowing what you love and enjoying it with your friends.

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Music and wine racks

I have written about wine racks before. At the time I didn’t realize just how popular rockstar wine racks would be, and I didn’t realize just how fast the available styles change. Here is a new collection of music themed wine racks – a perfect way to store your wine and show your rockstar style!

Guitar wine racks
Large guitar wine rack
Electric guitar wine rack
Wine Bottle Holder - Wine Rack - Guitar Style
Guitar headstock wine bottle holder


Cello wine rack

Though we don’t normally associate the cello with rock n roll, I couldn’t leave enough alone – given the beautiful shape and large storage capacity.

Metal cello wine rack
Cello wine rack
Black large cello wine rack with stemware holder
Piano wine rack
14-bottle piano wine rack with wineglass holder
Non-instrument wine racks with rockstar style
Industrial nut 3-bottle wine rack
Studded and banded elm wine rack
Motorcyle wine racks 

Don’t drink and ride!

Harley Davidson distressed metal wine rack
Harley Davidson Motorcycles Wall mounted wine rack
Harley Davidson Leatherette wine rack
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Why do roadies carry so many keys?

In Wayne’s World, Wayne wondered why roadies carry so many keys. The reason is that there is a lot of gear to lock up! The rest of us have gear, instruments, and music studio keys to carry around. Make sure your keys show your rockstar style! Some samples:

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Wine racks for the rockstar home

You need a place to store your wine bottles anyway, a wine rack is a great way to show your rockstar personality.

Guitar wine bottle holders

6-bottle Electric Guitar wine rack. Though advertised as guitar shape, with 4 thick strings it can be a bass guitar also.


Cello wine rack – I like this one because it holds 12 bottles (a whole case)! It also has a beautiful patina. But wait – there’s more! This black cello holds even more!

Motorcycle wine bottle holders


Motorcycle boot wine bottle holder (also holds squared whiskey bottles)

Vintage motorcycle wine bottle holder

Dragon Skeleton motorcycle wine bottle holder. Reminds me of the cover of the album Painkiller from Judas Priest



Piano keyboard wine rack

14-bottle piano keyboard wine rack with 2 glass holder

Single wine bottle holders

Guitar wine bottle holder. Handmade from recycled metal.







Skeleton wine bottle holder





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Storage is more than a box to put it in

Everyone is looking to control their clutter.  I’ve heard there are extreme minimalists that don’t have this problem, but I don’t know any.  (I would think that for an minimalist the clutter problem would actually be worse, but anyway).  In the spirit of controlling clutter and finding new, fun, and different ways to keep the clutter monster under control, my latest organization-crush is lunchboxes.

Fender Amp Tin Lunch Box

Lunch boxes.  Not just for lunch anymore (but still useful for lunch too).

A lunch box is the right size and shape to fit on a shelf, tabletop, or inside a drawer to keep small things together and neat and tidy.  Some places you may not have thought of using a lunchbox to keep small things:

  • Makeup table:  I like a lunchbox inside the drawer of a makeup table for lipstick, makeup sponges, or other small tools.
  • Bedside table: for small things that collect on the bedside table like eyeglasses, keys, coins, etc.
  • Desk: for sticky notes, pens, paperclips, etc.
  • Hobby/craft area: for various small things
  • Music studio: for guitar picks, extra packs of guitar strings, cables, etc.

Aquarius Boombox Tin Lunch Box

Since lunchboxes can close, they keep all these small things out of sight.  This is also an opportunity to have some fun with the lunchbox design and show off more of your personality than a plain desk organizer.


Then sometimes, you really need a lunchbox just to hold your lunch. This one looks like a Marshall amp head:


Quick links to some of my favorite rockstar lunchboxes:
Fender Amp Tin Lunch Box

Fender Custom Shop Lunch Box

Boombox Lunch Box

The Beatles Black & White bass drum lunch box

Amp head lunch box

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Liberating your domesticated musician from the garage

As I mentioned in the welcome post, all of this started with the guitar stand in the living room.   Why the aversion to a guitar stand in the living room?  The guitar stand probably looks like this:

or like this

While these guitar stands are perfectly functional and their ability to fold flat makes them excellent for playing out gigs, they are hardly worthy of your living room aesthetic.

Many domesticated musicians have had their passion banished to the garage, the back of the closet, or under the bed.  No need to banish them when there are choices like:

A sleek modern wall hanger:
D&A Grip White & Chrome with LIFETIME WARRANTY


Your roadie lending a hand guitar grip: 
Black Pearl Custom Guitar Hanger Right Hand Model


A sophisticated wall display case (lockable): 

Guitar Fender Display Case w/ UV Protection- Lockable
Or a wall display for multiple guitars: 
Guitar Hanger 48″ long


It’s time for your domesticated musician to join the rest of the household as a full fledged member.  Instead of that folding guitar stand your rockstar uses for playing out, here are some guitar grips, guitar stands, and other displays worthy of the beloved guitar.

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Treble clef over the door hanger


  • Three hook design featuring treble clef shape
  • Perfect in the bedroom, bathroom, pantry, or closet
  • Three hooks, each with a ball end to protect your fabrics
  • Fits over most standard doors
  • Measures approximately 13″ across, 10″ tall

Also available in a 5-hook design for $13.19.

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