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Why a rock star/ music themed room?

As I mentioned in my welcome post, for me it all started with the guitar stand in the living room.  I said that initially I thought the guitar stand was not appropriate living room decor.

What’s wrong with a guitar stand in the living room?

Along my journey of accepting then embracing the guitar stand in the living room I realized that guitars are very sculptural and come in a wide variety of beautiful finishes.  This is also true for many other musical instruments – electric guitars, pianos, and drums come to mind but there are countless others.

For someone that plays music it is so obvious to add a personally meaningful, beautiful, sculptural piece (instrument) to your rooms.  I will go so far as to say if you enjoy music but don’t play you can still incorporate a music theme in your rooms. Not everyone is going to be with me on that one, but hear me out.  How many fish or seashell themed bathrooms have you seen in homes of people that don’t own an aquarium?  I posit that it makes more sense for a music lover to have a music themed room than a fish themed bathroom.

So join me on my quest to incorporate beautiful, sculptural music themed pieces into our daily living.  It’s going to be fun!

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