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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2016 was a big year for Live Like A Rock Star. This year added the “shop by theme” menu to the website to make it easier to find cool rockstar products for glam, British Invasion, motorcycle, and skull themes. This is in addition to Fender Everything, where you could find anything guitar (except guitars). 2016 also greatly expanded our social following on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. Pinterest said that Live Like A Rock Star pins were seen by about half a million people in 2016! Wow! Half a million!

2017 looks to be an even bigger year, with more awesome rockstar home goods. There are big plans to make it even easier to get the very best, most awesome music and rockstar goods for your home, office, or music studio.

To Live Like A Rock Star, your home doesn’t just sing – it rocks!

Happy 2017, the tour is just beginning!

The personal touch

Part of what inspired me to start Live Like A Rock Star was the idea of a hand-curated site with quality rock n roll merchandise and ideas.  Robots cannot do this job.  An automated search for any music or rockstar search terms will yield hundreds or thousands of hits that are not relevant to music or rockstars.  Or it will return hundreds (or thousands) of coffee mugs.

To have a real rock n roll selection of products requires a personal touch.  An actual human being that will find the otherwise hard to find awesome products and put them in one place.  We want our homes to be a personal reflection, and robots are not well suited to this job.  There is no “awesome” search filter to get rid of the “lame” and “irrelevant”.

The personal touch works best in teams.  Live Like A Rock Star recently got a shoutout from DripTeez on their blog.  Live Like A Rock Star has been featuring the DripTeez wine drip stoppers that are most fitting the rock n roll home.  This all came about through actual, real, human, person-to-person interaction.  No robots involved.

Wine band accessory drip stopper with furry leopard band dripteez  Wine accessory drip stopper band with edgey silver skull  Wine accessory bottle band drip stopper with silver motorcycle  


If you are a real person and know some products that are worthy of a rock star home, send me a human-generated message on FacebookTwitter or in the comments section of this page.  We will chat (person-to-person) and figure out if we are a good match.

Rock on!

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Why a rock star/ music themed room?

As I mentioned in my welcome post, for me it all started with the guitar stand in the living room.  I said that initially I thought the guitar stand was not appropriate living room decor.

What’s wrong with a guitar stand in the living room?

Along my journey of accepting then embracing the guitar stand in the living room I realized that guitars are very sculptural and come in a wide variety of beautiful finishes.  This is also true for many other musical instruments – electric guitars, pianos, and drums come to mind but there are countless others.

For someone that plays music it is so obvious to add a personally meaningful, beautiful, sculptural piece (instrument) to your rooms.  I will go so far as to say if you enjoy music but don’t play you can still incorporate a music theme in your rooms. Not everyone is going to be with me on that one, but hear me out.  How many fish or seashell themed bathrooms have you seen in homes of people that don’t own an aquarium?  I posit that it makes more sense for a music lover to have a music themed room than a fish themed bathroom.

So join me on my quest to incorporate beautiful, sculptural music themed pieces into our daily living.  It’s going to be fun!

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It all started with the guitar stand in the living room

When I first started sharing a living space with a musician, I quickly noticed the guitar stand in the living room.  My initial reaction was that the guitar stand was not appropriate living room decor.  Then it became obvious that he really needed to have the guitar close at hand when he needs it. (I was surprised just how often the guitar needed to be close at hand, but that is another post.)

Rather than fighting over the guitar stand in the living room, I chose to embrace it. When shopping for items for the living room to go with the guitar and guitar stand, I found an item here or there but there wasn’t a site or store that had a good selection of music or rock star decor.

That’s what this site is about. It is for all the musicians, rock stars, music lovers and those who love them that need a place to shop.  Let’s get our musicians out of the basement and the garage and back into the house.

It starts with the guitar stand in the living room.

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