It all started with the guitar stand in the living room

When I first started sharing a living space with a musician, I quickly noticed the guitar stand in the living room.  My initial reaction was that the guitar stand was not appropriate living room decor.  Then it became obvious that he really needed to have the guitar close at hand when he needs it. (I was surprised just how often the guitar needed to be close at hand, but that is another post.)

Rather than fighting over the guitar stand in the living room, I chose to embrace it. When shopping for items for the living room to go with the guitar and guitar stand, I found an item here or there but there wasn’t a site or store that had a good selection of music or rock star decor.

That’s what this site is about. It is for all the musicians, rock stars, music lovers and those who love them that need a place to shop.  Let’s get our musicians out of the basement and the garage and back into the house.

It starts with the guitar stand in the living room.

Shop like a rock star

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