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Guitar Rugs in the Rockstar Home

A room can go from ordinary to rock n roll by simply adding the right rug. Here are some favorites featuring guitars. Most are available in other sizes.

Black electric guitars rug in 100% nylon loop pile, 5′ x 7′
Grey electric guitar acrylic rug, 5.2’x7.5′

Red electric guitar acrylic rug, 5.2′ x7.5′


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Guitar light switch plates and outlet covers

I consider it a sign of success that I can dedicate a post to light switch plates and outlet covers with a guitar theme.  I have been curating Live Like A Rock Star long enough that there are enough guitar themed light switch plates and outlet covers for their own post.  Other instruments will have their own posts, too.  Click here for the entire collection of light switch plates and outlet covers.

Cherry Sunburst Electric Guitar Duplex Outlet Cover and Switch Cover


Cherry Sunburst Electric Guitar Duplex Outlet Cover
Cherry Sunburst Electric Guitar Switch Cover

Blue Skull Guitar Double Rocker Light Switch Plate

Blue Skull Guitar Double Rocker Light Switch Plate

Black Electric Guitar Switch Plate Cover and Outlet Cover

Black Electric Guitar Switch Plate Cover
Black Electric Guitar Duplex Outlet Cover

Flame Electric Guitar DECORA Switch Plate Cover and SWITCH Plate Cover

Flame Electric Guitar DECORA Switch Plate Cover
Flame Electric Guitar SWITCH Plate Cover

Blue Electric Guitar with Chrome Skull Double Toggle Switch

Blue Electric Guitar with Chrome Skull Double Toggle Switch

US Flag Electric Guitar DUPLEX Plate Cover

US Flag Electric Guitar DUPLEX Plate Cover

Diamond Plate Electric Guitar SWITCH Plate Cover

Diamond Electric Guitar SWITCH Plate Cover

Acoustic Guitar Switch Plate Cover and Outlet Cover

Acoustic Guitar Switch Plate Cover
Acoustic Guitar Duplex Outlet Cover

Acoustic Guitar Design Double Toggle Light Switch Plate

Available in singles and doubles, DECORA (rocker) and toggle styles.
Acoustic Guitar Design Double Toggle Light Switch Plate

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Gift Guide- the best gifts for your favorite rockstar

If you are shopping for a gift for a rockstar, an aspiring rockstar, or yourself as a rockstar, here is the best list of gifts for giving and receiving. Your rockstar may appreciate the gift card to the music store, but that is a bit the same as how your rockstar will appreciate getting socks & underwear as a gift from Grandma.


Chances are, if your rockstar loves to perform then your rockstar also loves to cook and/or entertain.

Boom Box Worktop Saver and Cutting Board. Boom Box Kitchen Beats. Keep the kitchen rocking with these fun music-themed designs. Made from toughened glass and with non-slip rubber feet, these multi-function boards provide a hygienic, odour- and stain-resistant work surface for all types of food preparation and presentation. In addition they can be used to protect tables and worktops from serving bowls and dishes. They are heat resistant up to 280 C/536 F. Hand wash only.:
Boom Box Worktop Saver – Use as a cutting board or serving surface.

Black and White Skull Measuring Cups. Ceramic. 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup measurements.:
Skull measuring cups – Goth rock cooking anyone?

Guitar cheese board with corkscrew, cheese knives! This will be awesome for any casual party featuring a live band!:
Guitar cheeseboard & tools – Perfect mix of music, wine and cheese with wine opener and cheese knife in a nice guitar package.

More rockstar cooking and entertaining products

Home décor

Your rockstar’s home needs to rock too!

#Studded #Votive - Set of 2. Mercury glass hard-rock accessory.:

Studded votive set of 2 – these mercury glass votive candle holders are elegant and rock n roll at the same time.

Rock Star Guitar Soap Dish:

Guitar soap dish – A little rock n roll by the sink. Or use it to hold business cards.
Disco ball lotion (or soap) dispenser- #bling for your #bath or bedroom! Buy: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001O3M2PS/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B001O3M2PS&linkCode=as2&tag=futurerockstar-20&linkId=JJGWHR55CP3MY43K:
Disco ball soap/lotion dispenser – bling for your sink or dressing table

More rockstar home and bathroom products


Whether your rockstar drinks whisky, water, wine, or beer – some great gift ideas:

Harley Davidson wine gift set (wine coaster, wine stopper, and wine opener). livelikearockstar.us:

Harley Davidson wine gift set – a best seller! Wine opener, wine coaster, and wine stopper (in that order).

Marshall Fridge. Refrigerator styled like a Marshall Amp or Marshall Stack. People swooned over this at NAMM last year. Buy: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008K4FTV8/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B008K4FTV8&linkCode=as2&tag=livlikarocsta-20&linkId=FXOCJ37XPDLKMASC:

Marhsall amp stack fridge – for the music studio, man cave, or music office. Mini refrigerator with freezer that looks like a Marshall stack.

Mixtape Glasses - Set of 6. Take all-occasion glassware on a retro rewind with these colorful mixtape glasses. The blank tape allows partygoers to write their names or favorite power ballad on the cassette using the included wax pencil, giving you a personalized playlist and a great way to keep track of drinks. Made in USA.:

Mixtape drink glasses – fun idea for your next party or “mixer”!

Ralph Lauren Ayers Barware. Handcrafted barware. Decanter, highballs, and double old-fashioneds made of hand-blown, hand-cut cased black 24% lead crystal. Hand wash. Tray made of leather with silver-leaf embossed Ayers skull and crossbones pattern.:

Ralph Lauren skull barware set – crystal decanter and glasses with leather tray. Pick your poison.

More rockstar glassware and  bottle openers and other wine accessories

Maybe you are keeping it simple with a nice rockstar bottle of wine or liquor.  You need something to put it in

Skull Knit Bottle Coverall. Fits most bottles or cans. Use to keep your drink cold, or use as a fun reusable gift bag.:

Skull knit bottle coverall – keep drinks cold with this coverall. Or use as a gift bag.

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Now’s the time of the evening that the band has a drink…

Cocktail anyone?

Depending on the type of rockstar you are (or live with), National Beer Day may not have been especially celebratory.  If you are having a rockin’ cocktail gathering or stocking your bar cart, here are some things to get you started.

Fender Stratocaster decanter set:

This set features the classic stratocaster shape on the decanter and two straight sided glasses.

I think these ice cube/stirrers shaped like guitars are especially fun.

If you are having a martini, here are some skull and crossbones martini glasses.

Personally, I think any 10-ounce martini glasses should come with a skull and crossbones warning.

More rockstar glassware

Maybe it is a beer-out-of-the-bottle night (or day) – some rockin’ bottle openers

Wine products for a rockstar


Storage is more than a box to put it in

Everyone is looking to control their clutter.  I’ve heard there are extreme minimalists that don’t have this problem, but I don’t know any.  (I would think that for an minimalist the clutter problem would actually be worse, but anyway).  In the spirit of controlling clutter and finding new, fun, and different ways to keep the clutter monster under control, my latest organization-crush is lunchboxes.

Fender Amp Tin Lunch Box

Lunch boxes.  Not just for lunch anymore (but still useful for lunch too).

A lunch box is the right size and shape to fit on a shelf, tabletop, or inside a drawer to keep small things together and neat and tidy.  Some places you may not have thought of using a lunchbox to keep small things:

  • Makeup table:  I like a lunchbox inside the drawer of a makeup table for lipstick, makeup sponges, or other small tools.
  • Bedside table: for small things that collect on the bedside table like eyeglasses, keys, coins, etc.
  • Desk: for sticky notes, pens, paperclips, etc.
  • Hobby/craft area: for various small things
  • Music studio: for guitar picks, extra packs of guitar strings, cables, etc.

Aquarius Boombox Tin Lunch Box

Since lunchboxes can close, they keep all these small things out of sight.  This is also an opportunity to have some fun with the lunchbox design and show off more of your personality than a plain desk organizer.


Then sometimes, you really need a lunchbox just to hold your lunch. This one looks like a Marshall amp head:


Quick links to some of my favorite rockstar lunchboxes:
Fender Amp Tin Lunch Box

Fender Custom Shop Lunch Box

Boombox Lunch Box

The Beatles Black & White bass drum lunch box

Amp head lunch box

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Mother’s Day Like A Rock Star

Products (with links to purchase site) featured in the video, in order of appearance:

DripTeez wine stoppers:

 Silver tone motorcycle $8.99

Brass tone handcuffs $12.99

Silver skull $9.99

Furry leopard print $9.99

Wine totes:

Wine purse (pinkish red alligator) $14.00

Primeware Gala Croc Wine Purse, BlackWine purse (black) $29.99

Primeware Florence Leopard Two Bottle Wine Tote, BlackLeopard print hard case (2-bottle) $49.49

Wine chillers:

Guitars Wine ChillerGuitars wine bottle chiller $44.99

Stainless steel wine bottle chiller $36.54

Wine stoppers:

 Sunburst Stratocaster wine bottle stopper $25.16

 Black flame Stratocaster wine bottle stopper $13.76

Two's Company Glass Wine Bottle Stopper Glass wine bottle stopper $15.00

Volume Control Wine StopperVolume knob wine bottle stopper $14.44

Wine charms:

Enamel Guitars My Glass Identifier Charms, Sets of 6 Enamel wine glass charms $9.97


 4 Piece All-Purpose Goblet Set $24.01

More wine products for rockstars and rockstar moms
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Cocktail stirrer guitar ice cube tray

When do your ice cubes also double as a cocktail stirrer?  When the ice cubes are shaped like guitars (in this case a Stratocaster, classical guitar, and Les Paul shape) and the guitar necks are non-melting cocktail stirrers!

Since this ice tray is made of silicon, it will tolerate the heat necessary to use as a chocolate mold.

Tray may come in other colors than pictured.

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