Mind the (wine) drips please…

In looking for some new products for the wine and motorcycles post, I discovered DripTeez.

DripTeez stops the wine drips from running down the side of the bottle, the label, your tablecloth and table.  This one features a motorcycle charm on a reuseable handmade bamboo wine drip stopper.

Of course, wine drips happen to those without motorcycles as well.  This furry leopard drip stopper would compliment the rest of a rockstar themed bar.

DripTeez™ Drip Stopper with furry leopard print


DripTeez drip stoppers are the best to stop the drips early.  Without DripTeez we need to to rely on wine coasters like this:

Harley-Davidson Wine Gift Set: Bottle Coaster, Opener and Stopper

Of course, a wine coaster will still let the drips flow over the label.  Should you be in the habit of opening your wine with a Napoleonic sword (that’s another post), I strongly recommend the belt-and-suspenders approach of a DripTeez and a wine coaster together.

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